This represents one pulse across the Clean Well tool. This tool creates about 256 pulses per second.


         Scale Removal Tool (SRT)

Uses Acoustic Energy  to remove scale.  With the use of Solvents and Acids, this tool effectively and economically removes scale from tubing and casing.  We are in the Patent pending and testing stage for a 43.2 mm, 1.7 inch Drill motor and Mill that will be capable of handling both Acids and Solvents through the entire job.

Clean Well Tools Ltd. introduces the Scale Removal Tool or SRT.  This Tool utilizes the Acoustic Energy of the Clean Well Tool along with slight modifications that help to increase the penetration and clean ability of scale from within tubing and casing. 

We have found that scale can be removed from within 2 7/8 tubing at speeds of up to 20 meters per minute (approx. 67 feet per minute). Realistic speed values are between 2 5 meters per minute (approx. 6 17 feet per minute).  Speeds vary according to scale content and cleaning fluid composition.  Some scale cleanouts have been completed with the use of water. 

Operation of the SRT requires approximately 18-21 Mpa for a surface pump pressure with a slight backpressure on the tubing.  Life expectancy of tool is 100% throughout entire job including jobs that run longer than 40 hrs, with the exception of dirty coil or fluids. 

Benefits to the SRT:

        Increased cleanout speed (2-20m/min).

        Decreased Coil Pressure-less cost for coil charges.

        Cleans scale, wax, ashphaltines, bitumen and any heavy hydrocarbons.

        Application of all clean cleaning fluids.

        With the use of Coil tubing, fully enclosed system for H2S applications.

        Economical tool costs vs. economical production return. 

By mid August, 2005 we are expecting to have completed the full development of a 1 inch drill motor and mill that will enhance the removal of scale and heavy hydrocarbons from tubing.  The drill motor will be capable of having acids and solvents pumped through the motor without removal of that motor or mill.  Currently, this drill motor and mill is still in the patent pending and testing stage. 

  • 43.2mm, 1.7 inches O.D.
  • 1.24 - 1.27 m, 48 - 50 inches Length.
  • 1 Down Jet.
  • Reflective Focusing Chambers.
  • Acoustic Generator.
  • Reflective Focusing Chambers.
  • Top Jets.
  • Cleaning and Scale removal possible at same time.
  • Up to 5 m/min scale penetration in tubing.

Drill Motor and Mill (testing stage)

  • Requires 40 l/min fluid through motor to create torque and proper RPM.
  • Attaches beneath Acoustic Generator, replacing Reflective Focusing Chambers.
  • Does not increase overall length of Clean Well Tool.
  • Acids and Solvents are pumpable through tool.
  • Saves Coil meterage charges.
  • Approximately 110 ft/lbs Torque with 250 RPM.
  • No extra lubricator or Crane to lift the Injector on Coil Operations.

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